Discover Inequalities

in the City of Tulsa

  • Inequality, especially entrenched systemic Inequality, can be so pervasive that pointing to a specific and concrete example can be a challenge. Similarly, areas of Inequality can be hard to identify when we are forced to look introspectively at out everyday lives.


    The interactive visual below is a guide to each of the 54 Equality Indicators our team has meticulously researched. The more Inequality there is in an area, the larger that box becomes. Discover the areas in which the City of Tulsa faces Inequality by interacting with the dashboard below.
    For a quick overview about what each shape represents, simply hover over the box with your cursor – or if you are on a mobile device, just tap on the box. If you would like a more detailed look, click on the hyperlink in the bottom of the overview box to visit the detail page for a breakdown of that Equality Indicator’s topic, data, and methodology.