Check Out Our New Tulsa Equality Indicators Web Apps

We are excited to announce the public launch of two new Tulsa Equality Indicators Web Apps!

To assist with the mission of facing the challenges that Inequality can present, the Tulsa Equality Indicators team is continuously developing new Web Apps to help fellow Tulsans Discover Inequalities in the City of Tulsa.

Tulsa Equality Indicators Web Apps Score Conversion Calculator

From the time that Tulsa Equality Indicators first launched in April 2018 through our initial months of community engagement sessions, there have been two standout requests. We heard the feedback and got to work on a few exciting Web Apps projects.

The first is for more resources to help explain and explore the relationship between the ratios of inequality and the 1-100 scoring scale. To address this request, we developed the Tulsa Equality Indicators Score Conversion Calculator Web App to enable people to play with the data and better interact with the math behind the methodology. The calculator is simple, user friendly, and will convert any number to the corresponding 1-100 Equality Indicator score.

Tulsa Equality Indicators Web Apps MappingThe second point of feedback is a request for more detailed mapping resources. Not only do Tulsans want to know how Tulsa and its geographic regions are impacted by systemic inequality, but they want to be able to see the impact even down to their own street. To meet this request, we developed the Tulsa Equality Indicators Mapping Web App. The Mapping Web App incorporates the Tulsa Equality Indicators comparison groups as determined by geography along with detailed satellite mapping imagery so that anyone can see where they live within the designated layers.

Both of our web apps are mobile friendly, free to use, and open to the public. In addition, both web apps have the capability to be embedded on the websites of our Community Partners to help spread information about Tulsa Equality Indicators as well as the initial tools to help raise awareness of inequalities within Tulsa. Further information on the Tulsa Equality Indicators Web Apps can be found in our Discover section.

These web apps were coded and designed in-house by the Tulsa Equality Indicators team in response to the feedback gleaned from our Community Partners and engaged Tulsans. The focus of our Web Apps is to further the mission of Tulsa Equality Indicators by creating clean, easy to use, and accessible tools that help to educate and illuminate.