Letter from Chief Resilience Officer DeVon Douglass

Chief Resilience Officer Devon Douglass

As the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Tulsa, I was thrilled when 100 Resilient Cities called for the first expansion of the Equality Indicators program in the country. With a Mayor and City Council devoted to data-driven decision making, the Equality Indicators is a perfect tool for Tulsa and perfectly fits with our resilient efforts at the City of Tulsa.

The Equality Indicators tool gives Tulsans a common framework to think about the greatest levels of disparity in our city. It allows us to talk about inequity on a policy level; and it provides data to support the individual experiences that so many individuals have shared with the City of Tulsa and the Community Service Council while developing key indicators.

During the seven engagements we held last summer, we heard citizens loud and clear. No matter what type of inequality exists in Tulsa we are not satisfied. We, as Tulsans, are no longer satisfied with gender, geography, or race determining success in our city. We, as Tulsans, believe that there are more things that bring us together than pull us apart. With the right tools at our disposal we can build the Tulsa that we all know is possible.

Our proactive actions will continue to result in great progress for the City of Tulsa as we come together as a community to address the inequalities that exist today. Together, we will continue to learn from past failures and celebrate future successes along the way, making Tulsa a better place for all.

Thank you, Tulsa. Thank you for your willingness to keep moving forward. We are truly a resilient city and on the brink of something amazing.